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No regrets

From the start I've tried to approach you, but all that you gave away only ..... uhhh I'm tired so very tiring .....

I seem unable to god when I was really loved and wanted to give everything for him ... if indeed she was not for me, if he is not the best for me ..... if I can not live with it.

I was really loved her from first until now ....
This affection does not seem to be endless .... why?

why is it so hard melulukan hati ... tell me?
seneng rasanya if she is sms though only one word from her but was really a happy ..
ahh I have to forget it was really .... goodbye my lover
begitulah cintrong deritanya diada akhir heheh.....
if it will you ......
hahah wuanjrot so far from so sweet